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Delivery Policy

Please note that full payment must be made before a delivery date can be arranged. We ship orders via our own delivery team to ensure the best service rendered to you.

Our deliveries are within the following timings:

Monday to Friday : 9 am to 5 pm
Saturday               : 9 am to 3 pm
Sunday and Public Holidays: No delivery

For an estimate of when your order could arrive, please refer to the respective product page(s) on our website. We will contact you within 48 hours to advise you on the earliest available delivery date.

For all indent orders, the estimated delivery date given to you is an approximate and is given in good faith. If there are any delays, we will inform you as soon as possible. However, we are not responsible and cannot accept any liability for consequential losses as a result of shipment or delivery delays from our partners.

To help you save on shipping fees, we will usually consolidate your items and ship them together. However, due to the nature of the products, your items may be shipped separately. In these instances, you will not be charged any extra delivery fees.

You must ensure that the access is suitable for the delivery of your order to the desired location within your property. Whilst every care will be taken, no responsibility will be taken for customer’s property being damaged during delivery.

Delivery Fees 
The following delivery fees apply:
Free delivery is only applicable for orders amounting to S$500.00 and above, to one local address on mainland Singapore, during operating hours.
Any orders below $500.00 would incur a delivery charge based on the size & weight of the products.

There are some restricted areas in Singapore where our delivery team is unable to deliver to unless special clearance process is being done. All application and cost shall be born by the buyer.

Any delivery request after our standard delivery timings and days are chargeable and may be waived off as goodwill.

Delivery via Staircase
It is your duty to ensure the items purchased can be delivered to you via elevator/staircase.
Should the specified shipping location be inaccessible by an elevator (due to building infrastructure, elevator malfunction, Management refusal to let us use the elevator etc.) or on a different floor/storey from the loading bay or ground floor, or if the goods do not fit in the elevator, the following charges will apply in addition to the standard delivery charges and surcharges indicated above:

Per Item Per Floor       $80.00

This delivery surcharge is applicable to staircases within landed properties, HDB maisonette, penthouse and other apartments.

In the event that the goods cannot be delivered via elevator, and we access that it is not possible for the goods to be delivered into your premises in a non-hazardous manner, we reserve the right to cancel the delivery.

Unless you can accept delivery of the Products under such circumstances, the Products will be returned to our warehouse and you will be liable to pay a return transport charge of $100.00. Thereafter, you shall make your own arrangements for delivery of the good(s) within 7 days. Goods not collected within 7 days will be subject to standard warehousing fees.

Surcharges payable may not be reflected on your auto-generated invoice. Should there be any surcharges applicable, you will be notified as soon as possible.

In the event that the goods cannot be delivered on your preferred delivery date and/or time slot due to reasons including but not limited to lack of stock from suppliers, scheduling difficulties, or force nature, you will be notified at our earliest convenience. Zest Livings reserves the right to amend the delivery timings should such circumstances arise.

Failed Delivery

All products purchased shall be delivered to the delivery address provided at the time of purchase and you shall bear sole and full responsibility for the failure to receive any product purchased in the event that a wrong delivery address was provided.

In the event that you are not at home to receive the goods during the stipulated delivery schedule and there is a failed delivery, a $100.00 delivery charge will apply to have the goods delivered to you at a separate date and time. This charge is payable before the delivery will be scheduled.

If you do not wish to arrange for another delivery, please let us know and we will arrange for the goods to be ready for pickup at our warehouse within 2 working days.

Changes to Delivery Date

We accept changes to the delivery date up to 48 hours before the stipulated delivery date. For rescheduling of delivery within 48 hours before the stipulated delivery, a fee of $100.00 will apply.

Storage Fees

Free storage up to a maximum of 1 month from the expected date of fulfilment Storage fees at 5% of the product value or $150.00 per item per month whichever is higher All delivery or collection arrangements will be made as soon as your pieces are ready for dispatch Any late requests are subject to discretion based on available space at our warehouse; chargeable at +5% of the product value per month.