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Making A Clean Difference
A perfect solution for all kinds of homes. Aqua Clean is much more than a simple liquid repellent fabric. It is an innovative technology that helps you enjoy the fabrics of your home with the utmost peace of mind. We can do upholstery for any of our sofa model. Do reach us to find out more.


These collections provide a physical barrier by having a layer between the fabric loops and the top visible part of the fabric which prevents accidental snagging, not only caused by pets, but also by jeans rivets, zippers or rings.


Bacteria and mites really do proliferate if you have pets at home. Safe Front is a fantastic ally against these organisms, which can cause allergies, especially in children and the elderly.


You can clean any stain by just using water only! The surfaces of these collections are completely smooth, which also facilitates the removal of pet hairs from the fabric.


A name with character, this new collection represents the past, the present and the future of elegance. Calm colours to convey a lived-in feel and the kind of sensations you would expect.


Elegance enters your home at the hands of BELLAGIO, our most sophisticated collection. With a wide range of colours BELLAGIO has become the perfect choice for decoration lovers. Enjoy velvet with total peace of mind in your home.


An extremely special chenille, which has been dyed in a certain way that the depth of colour goes through the whole cloth, this creates a very clean and sophisticated look to the sofa, a classic.


A whole world of classic. A perfect collection to turn your house into a real home. Thanks to its pleasant touch, its wide range of colours and its characteristics, CARABÚ adapts to the most demanding tastes thus becoming the preferred fabric of those who like to live life on their their sofa 100%.