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Sustainable Products Given A Second Life - Made From Waste

Made From Waste

‘Sustainable manufacturing requires authentic intention in the entire process of production, which considers the environment and the people in it’.

As a sofa manufacturer, there is no doubt that plenty of wastage is generated when upholstering a sofa. The off-cuts and leftover fabrics are still beautiful and it is heart-breaking to dispose of these brand new, high quality leftover fabrics.


In a world that's woken up to the severity of the climate crisis and consumerism. Sustainability is a must to ensure that the needs of our generation may be met without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

Sustainable consumption and production is about doing more and better with less. Our in-house designer team came up with the idea of repurposing these left-fabrics shelved in the warehouse, giving a second life to it. During the COVID pandemic, our seamstresses sewed cloth mask that could be washed and reused. Some fabric off-cuts were made into pencil cases and school bags to support an NGO in Nepal. Even unique designer fabrics were made into small wrist bags.

Our policy has always been to produce things that will last a life time, that can become an heirlooms that have such rich memories and heritage value.


As a local manufacturer, we pride ourselves with that passion to make sustainable products at a reasonable cost while creating the quality that you can enjoy. We are pledging to produce sustainable furniture by caring equally for you the consumer and the environment to do our part in sustainable manufacturing. This one earth that we share, we journey together to care a little more and we would love to have your little support here through our sustainable furniture line.